Our Values

Values from the Official of France

L’Officiel de France wishes to affirm its strong commitments to animal welfare and to be part of a dynamic of sustainable responsibility.
The values of the Official of France are based on 3 axes:
Animal welfare, preservation of the environment, development of its territory.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is the major concern of the organizers of the La Baule International Jumping.
L’Officiel de France benefits from long-term infrastructures allowing it to accommodate more than 98% of the participating horses in boxes belonging to the building, which guarantees optimal comfort.
The box units do not exceed more than 26 boxes in the same barn, each barn has its own shower and is ventilated thanks to openings in the roofs and side doors on either side.
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The litters used are 100% natural, made of dusted wood and from sustainable forest management (PEFC label: European Certified Forest Program). This label guarantees that the product contains at least 70% of materials from sustainably managed forests. In addition to the environmental aspect, wood shavings provide optimal comfort for horses thanks to their volume. The bedding thus creates a comfortable mattress for the equine. This also reduces the risk of respiratory problems in horses.
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Outings to the beach are scheduled every morning during the 4 days of competition allowing the horses to enjoy the benefits of the sea. The sea and its waves massage and tone the horses’ muscles and tendons. In addition, the large expanse of La Baule beach gives them a moral boost allowing them to give their best during competitions.
A grassland and relaxation area is available near the stables for all the horses present for the competition.
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Actions in favor of the environment

The dematerialization of listings
The starting lists, timetables and results are made available via the implementation of QR codes throughout the site which redirect to the responsive competition website guaranteeing the reduction of ink and paper consumption.
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More sustainable mobility
Electric shuttles are made available freely by the City of La Baule to transport the general public.
Our automotive partner Land Rover offers a selection of hybrid vehicles for all airport/hotel transfers for riders & officials.
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A circular economy
As part of the AGEC law (anti-waste law for a circular economy), water fountains and reusable bottles will be made available in partnership with SAUR for all organizing teams and competitors.
Manure evacuation
The MCD company is in charge of manure evacuation. This manure is subsequently treated to be reused in the agricultural sector (composting). Thus more than 300 m3 of manure are managed sustainably. Storage is carried out on storage platforms approved by the DDPP (departmental directorate for population protection). The DDPP is responsible, through its control, inspection and investigation actions, for ensuring the economic protection and safety of consumers as well as the quality of their food at all stages of the sector.
Selective sorting
In partnership with the Official de France, the Cap Atlantique urban community is raising awareness of selective sorting among all audiences present at the event thanks to the establishment of sorting points throughout the site and a sorting clear signage.
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Promotion of the territory

La Baule International Jumping relies on partnerships with local service providers in order to promote the territorial economy, and to favor short sectors which participate in “low-cost” actions carbon”.
L’Orée des bois pays particular attention to ecological issues. Recycling and sorting are an integral part of the company with the installation of composters for all organic waste. The use of plastic is limited as much as possible as well as CO2 emissions by optimizing travel and collaborating largely with local producers.
Their stated objective is to make their catering profession more sustainable and more responsible.
Edouard Set Traiteur also comes from the department and is committed to developing recipes based on sustainable creation through the use of seasonal and local products.
Star chef
The chef, Mathieu Guibert, originally from Pays de Retz where his establishment Anne de Bretagne is located, offers a menu strongly infused with local products and iodine, which remains the main marker of his cuisine. He makes a point of rigorously selecting products that go into his dishes. Himself the son of a farmer, he knows the producers around him well. This passion for good products leads him to compose a menu that varies with the seasons and draws on local resources.
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Modular structure rental companies
SEMAF is based in Vendée, a human-sized company, it is the main player in the creation of events in the Brittany and Pays de la Loire region. As for Losberger, the company is committed to sustainable operation and benefits from the ISO 14001 label, in particular by committing to using environmentally friendly and fully recyclable components.
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TV production
AMP Visual TV is based in Les Sables d’Olonne: Member of the Global Compact since August 2019, their challenges are aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations (UN). By joining, they undertake to implement the ten universal principles defended by the organization and to communicate annually on the progress made.
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Every year, L’Officiel de France welcomes students from the Les Établières Group, from Vendée and from the AMOS school, the French specialist in “sport management”, from Nantes as part of their training courses. This is to highlight its commitment to promoting the equine industry and high-level sport.
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