Equine wellness & human greater-being space

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Jumping International de La Baule

New in 2023

The organisers of the Jumping de La Baule and Equus Project have joined forces to propose a “equine wellness and human greater-being space” at the heart of the exhibitors’ village.

On the programme :

“Demonstration” stands focused on horse wellness and human betterness :

Equiwell : team of veterinarians and professionals specializing in the equine world

Equus Harmonia : alternative and complementary solutions to improve the well-being of the horse and the optimization of performance and recovery

Horse Stop : designer of equestrian infrastructures such as active stables

Kelly Epinat – HorseTouch : professional masseuse, specialized in equine seaweed therapy and clay therapy

The teaching horse : Learning advanced human skills facilitated by the Horse, equicoaching.

Alexander Method : development of the well-being of the rider and the horse for leisure or competition and active stable

Terre et sabots : equine media, focused on the overall vision of the horse

Free conferences throughout the weekend with the common denominator being the issue of horse well-being and human greater well-being in performance.

We will have the pleasure of welcoming (among others): Grégory Cottard, Pierre Beaupère, Kelly Epinat (HorseTouch) or also Caroline Di Stefano (Team Laiterie de Montaigu).

We are all convinced that the key to performance lies in the quality of the human-horse duo. The way to achieve this is specific to each person and requires both an understanding of the horse and of the way we function.

About Equus Project :

Equus Project is a global project with the objective of creating an ecosystem favourable to the development of each individual: both horses and humans. This vision is expressed in each of our structure’s activities, namely: the riding school, boarding and development, training in horse-related professions, equine mediation and equicoaching.

Find more information at  https://equus-project.com/

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EQUILIVRE will be present for signing sessions with Pierre Durand, Kamel Boudra and Jean-Maurice Bonneau.

Here is our program:

– Pierre Durand / “Jappeloup”: Saturday June 10 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday June 11 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

– Kamel Boudra / “Eric Lamaze. Conquer to survive”: from Friday June 9 to Sunday June 11 one hour of signatures before each 5-star event.

– Jean-Maurice Bonneau / “We’ll be there one day, big boy”: from Thursday June 8th to Sunday June 11th.