Coming together in the villages

Coming together in the villages

In addition to experiencing the thrills of a world-class sporting programme, visitors to the Jumping International de La Baule — Officiel de France can revel in the warm and relaxing atmosphere of the villages and their attractions. 64 exhibitors await the visitors between one competition and the next this year.

One thing is for sure: the Jumping International de La Baule has a unique and incomparable vibe. On the one hand, there are the sports events, which see the cream of the crop of show jumping trot around the arena of the François André Stadium. On the other hand, there is the ambiance that permeates the aisles of the Officiel de France. Visitors to the exhibitor village, partner village and champagne bar, spanning from curious people to prominent specialists, get to discover the latest products and services to hit the equestrian market and, even more importantly, share an experience filled with camaraderie and exchange impressions about their common passion.


Partner village
Bang in the middle of the Jumping, our partner brands come together in a sprawling 1,000 m² space inspired by the traditional beach cabins that have come to epitomise the Breton coast. Visitors can discover a wide range of high-end products, promote the region and get their hands on souvenirs of the Jumping at the official Harcour shop, which will be selling its new La Baule — Officiel de France collection.


Exhibitor village
The exhibitor village, a focal point of every competition, features almost 50 stands distributed around Avenue des Rosières and shops set up underneath the grandstands of the François André Stadium. It brings together equine sector professionals (horse welfare, breed raising and promotion, equipment, transportation, services, etc.), as well as fashion and accessory brands, artists, regional producers and more. It is the ideal place for strolling and going shopping between one competition and the next!


“Horse welfare” space
The “Horse welfare” space, which saw the light of day last year, is returning. It will bring together professionals in the field of horse welfare —a top priority for the Jumping de La Baule— in the heart of the exhibitor village. Conferences will be held throughout the competition on multiple themes, namely feed, training in horse-related professions, equine meditation, equicoaching and equine care.


Champagne Bar
The ideal place for meeting —and making— friends, the champagne bar, run by the Edouard Set team, serves up a high-end selection with recipes that consistently use products from the beloved Brittany region of its founder, Hervé Thomazo. A giant screen keeps patrons in the loop with the competitions. Fresh ingredients, a subtle fusion of colours and flavours, an exuberance of sophisticated details and a penchant for challenge make it the perfect cocktail to stretch out the day. Plus, “Edouard’s Wild Evenings” will ramp up the voltage on Saturday and Sunday from 6 pm.


Right across from the Champagne Bar, the Platinium Sellier stand will be the venue for a signing session on Saturday, 8 June, featuring the four legends of the Platinium Sellier Legends’ Trophy presented by Military Equestrian Sports.

View the map and full list of exhibitors:

Free admission. Open from 9 am to 7:30 pm (8 am to 10 pm for the champagne bar).

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