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Mathieu Guibert, the two-starred chef of the international Jumping of La Baule

From 5th to 8th May, the stars will not only shine on the legendary grass arena of the international Jumping of La Baule. If the François André stadium will greet the world elite of jumping riders and horses, the spotlight will also be on the backstage, in the kitchen, next to the boxes reserved to the guests. And for a good reason! This year, the two-starred Chef Mathieu Guibert will be at the helm of a gastronomic ballet inspired by the Pays de Retz.

Owner and host of the Maison de Bretagne in La Plaine-sur-Mer (44), the Chef Mathieu Guibert, awarded two Michelin stars since 2017, is the one who will delight the taste buds of some 1 000 daily guests at the La Baule show. The stars of the champions in attendance and those in the eyes of great sport’s lovers will also be mixed, in La Baule, with those of the authentic and creative cooking of the Chef Guibert.

After studying with starred chefs such as Yannick Alléno, Christian Le Squer, Franck Putelat or Philippe Mille…, Mathieu Guibert delivers a precise and personal definition of his cuisine. « I try to characterize my cooking around three axes influenced by my territory because I am a child of the country, my parents were farmers in Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef. And this territory is linked to the ocean. This iodized side is my first axis. My professional culture is the second, what my Chefs have taught me, a gourmet cuisine and sauces imagined according to a certain French tradition. The third axis of my cooking is my personality, my travels, my encounters and my very human vision of things. I often compare these moments of sharing to high level sports, with precision, emotion and moments of grace. »

Revealing emotions in his creations, Chef Mathieu Guibert admits to finding common points between gastronomy and the equestrian world. « I am not a rider but what brings me closer to the world of horses is elegance and beauty. What I like in equestrian sport is this pairing, this perfect alliance between the rider and his horse, which makes each couple unique. In the kitchen, there is this relationship with the other, with the material, with a unique aspect for each vegetable, each fish. As in horseback riding, we also look for the perfect marriage in our dishes. » If for the time being, the Chef wishes to keep his menus a secret and reserve the surprise effect, the guests of the International Jumping of La Baule should be able to taste a risotto with smoked eel or even some tasty rigadeaux.

Subtle dishes sublimated by Chef Guibert, as many emotions in the mouth as on the track with the performances of the best riders and horses in the world, the 2022 edition of the international Jumping of La Baule promises to be colorful… and flavorful!

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